Canada Immigration (Permanent Residents)

According to Canada's Immigration law, "Permanent Residents" are individuals who intend on residing in Canada on a permanent basis. Permanent residents of Canada have the right to live, study and work in Canada for as long as they maintain their Canadian Permanent Residency status.

Permanent Residents are entitled to most of the social benefits accorded to Canadian Citizens. However, Permanent Residents also have the same legal obligations as Canadians, such as paying taxes and respecting all other laws and regulations set by the country. If you or your dependants commit serious crimes while in Canada, you or your dependents may be deported from Canada.

Once Permanent Residents have met the requirements under Canada's Citizenship Act, they are entitled to applying for Canadian Citizenship. Status as a Canadian Permanent Resident can be lost if you or your dependents abandon Canada as your place of residence. You and your dependents must be physically present in Canada for two years out of five years in order to maintain the status.

The following are a list of the various ways to apply for Canadian Immigration as Permanent Residents:

Independent Class or Skilled Worker - Canada values the skills and experiences that foreign professionals and workers bring with them. Check to see if your skills and experience qualify you for immigration to Canada as a skilled worker.

Business Class - Canada has a strong economic culture. If you have experience running or investing in businesses, you may qualify for immigration to Canada as a business immigrant.

Family Class - Family class immigration reunites families in Canadian homes. Learn how to sponsor your family member or immigrate to Canada as a member of the family class.

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