Work Permits

worker permit

Around 150,000 foreign workers enter Canada as temporary workers to work in jobs that improve the Canadian economy. Many of the jobs require valid work permits, but there are jobs that do not require work permits. For certain categories of work, the required work permits are approved more quickly than others. It should be mentioned that although certain categories of work do not require work permits, these types of work do outline other requirements.

Who can Apply?

All applicants must pay attention to the following:

  1. It is the employer that helps in determining if applicants are eligible.
  2. The employer may be required to get a labour market opinion (LMO) from Human Resources and Social Development Canada. The labour market opinion aids in confirming that the employer is able to fill the job with a foreign worker.
  3. In addition to meeting the requirements of getting a work permit, in order to be able to work in Canada, applicants must meet the general requirements set out for entering Canada and staying here. As a result, applicants may need to acquire temporary resident visas. - Acquiring a work permit does not allow one to reside and settle in Canada permanently, this is because a work permit is not an immigration document.
  4. Applicants must qualify and meet the requirements under an immigration category (i.e. Skilled Worker), to be able to reside in Canada permanently - Applicants must make sure that if they wish to bring their spouse, common-law partner and dependent children with them to Canada, those individuals must apply also.

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